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Catalogue of Chinese Works (Simple/Traditional)
Title in English:Discover China Title in Chinese:走遍中国
Source from:mainland China Arts & Photography
Author's name in Chinese:阿纲 Author's name in English:Agang
Formet:1/12    Pages: 200 Volumes:3
Publication date:2008 1 printing First print:0
Color:double color Sold copies:0
Terms: advance: royalty rate:0%

About the author:
The author Agang, started his journey in September of 2005. During his 500 days’tough journey, he has gone through 31 provinces of China and taken more than 10 thousands photos(3240 chosen photos)and written over 170 thousands words as well.

Providing a lot of information about unknown geography, landscapes as well as humanities, this book can be a good travel guide for people to tour those places with original cultures and customers. At the same time, it can give lots of reference to the photographers, because the large photos in this book all reserve the original dates of photographing.

Everyone of us
is always striving for our own dreams
we turn out to get a drop of happiness in return
As our life is getting busier and busier
Even without considering the importance of the existence of life
Though we become wise
We are no longer innocent

Then where can I find my happiness
Think it over and over
I finally take everything out of my mind
With a backpack
Step into a world, seemingly strange but actually belong to us

Then I find……

No wonderful films here and no advanced HI-FI here
But colors fill my eyes and songs touch my heart
There are just
Facts without concealment
Freedom without constraint
Rush out of the durance of thought

Goes all over China,many people have had this desire,however,with the lapse of time,we become more and more impetuous and busier,it slowly has faded from the memory. We work hard every day only for living and hide it in the deep heart waiting for one day when I become rich and free. When I am finally clear,perhaps this day never will arrive!As time passes quietly,we become older and older,and then we understand shortness of life. Unceasingly repetitive mode of life makes people gradually feel exhausted and numb into the deep confusion. Is this really the life that I want? Each night lying down on the sofa,I am reluctant to turn on the television,appreciating the unreal splendor. Actually in my heart,I am clear that this is not what I want!

I need one kind of wisdom which can extricate me!

Certainly,I must break through the imprisonment on thought,liberating myself from the besieged cage.

Although having never stopped studying and thanking,I must join the rotation gears of realities. Combining ability with interest,the idea of going out is much more intense. Ancient person said:“walks ten of thousands kilometers is inferior to read ten of thousands books”,it is better to become aware on the road than to be in chaos all day in the sofa.

Many questions are needed to be solved one by one:sell the car,sell something in cheap to get money,added with my savings,I resigned,planned the line,buy the camera and so on simultaneously.

Starting off the journey finally! On the road,if I encounter with others,we made a group. I have taken varieties of transportation vehicle. My guiding principle is:Do not go to those famous scenic spots as far as possible,trying to go down to some rarely known places,excavating simple and the real life trivia,primitive and mysterious natural beautiful scenery.

Difficulties on roads can be imagined; all wonderful sceneries will become unusual in one to two months. Every day I must overcome the same tiredness and loneliness,but also has to confront with fear and the danger occasionally! Sometimes I could not found the lodging at night,without any choices,I had to insist. In order to alleviate burdens,the photographic appendix entirely must be sent back home,the cover and the irrelevant pages of the books bought on the road must be torn up first,throwing away after reading.

It takes me four hundred days to go all over twenty-seven provinces and four municipalities in China mainland. After the summary,I continued for 3 months in order to make up the missing photos in some places. Altogether traveling schedule is 500 days with 10,000 photos.

Those ordinary and happy,marvelous and inconceivable pictures accumulated day-by-day have constructed a long volume with amorous feelings of our sublime motherland unintentionally; this travel-worn journey time,the gorgeous humanities character and style,the collected picture story,every time I look,I will have different feeling and shock!

She already completely changed my original intention,again gives me the brand-new power and faith,I should let more people see what I record to see another aspect excluding the mainstream society ordinary values!

总目录 Main content

第1册 Album 1
01广西 Guangxi 012 — 059
02广东 Guangdong060 — 065
03海南 Hainan 066 — 075
04贵州 Guizhou 076 — 133
05云南 Yunnan 134 — 175
06四川 Sichuan 176 — 215

第2册 Album 2
07西藏 Tibet 222—267
08新疆 Xinjiang 268—319
09甘肃 Gansu 320—331
10青海 Qinghai 332—339
11宁夏 Ningxia 340—341
12陕西 Shanxi 342—361
13重庆 Chongqing362—379
14湖南 Hunan 380—405
15湖北 Hubei 406—411
16河南 Henan 412— 429

第3册 Album 3
17山西 Shanxi 438 — 467
18内蒙古 Inner Mongolia 468 — 483
19黑龙江 Heilongjiang 484 — 499
20吉林 Jilin 500 — 501
21辽宁 Liaoning 502 — 505
22天津 Tianjin 506 — 507
23山东 Shandong 508 — 511
24江苏 Jiangsu 512 — 521
25上海 Shanghai 522 — 529
26安徽 Anhui 530 — 535
27浙江 Zhejiang 536 — 553
28福建 Fujian 554 — 575
29江西 Jiangxi 576 — 579
30河北 Hebei 580 — 591
31北京 Beijing 592 — 607
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